Church Estate Sale Photos

Below, you'll find photos taken of the various items that will be available for sale on February 22-25, 2021. All items within the church including structural beams, doors, furniture, and hardware will be available for purchase. All reasonable offers will be accepted. All proceeds will go towards building our new church home. CLICK HERE for a complete list of dates and times.


If you wish to bid on an item, you will register in the Fellowship Hall and pick up your sealed bid sheet and envelope.

You can bid on 48 items per sheet. Once you have your sheet and envelope, you will then go from room to room at the church and write down the room number, item #, brief description of the item and your bid amount. Once you have all the items you wish to bid on, you will place the sheet in the envelope and seal the envelope. You will then place sealed bid into the box located in the Fellowship Hall. Remember, all proceeds from the sale goes directly to our building fund, so bid generously.


Items are to be removed on day of purchase. If you purchase a large item, we will work with you on removal.