What is the Discipleship Path?

The Discipleship Path is a step-by-step guide featuring resources that you can engage with to become a fully-committed follower of Jesus Christ. Here you'll find ways to challenge your faith and make it stronger in the process by partaking in reading plans, online video courses, and getting involved with like-minded believers through small group sessions and volunteering opportunities.

First Things First

Before you begin your journey, have you...?

✓ Accepted Jesus as your Savior

✓ Been baptized as a believer

✓ Become a church member

✓ Attended a new members class

1. Engage in these small-group studies

Get connected with friends to help you on your journey. Classes are scheduled often.
  • "How to Study the Bible"
  • "How to Develop Your Prayer Life"
  • "Basic Christian Beliefs"
  • "How to Share Your Faith"

3. Read these books

  • “20 Basics Every Christian Should Know” by Wayne Grudem
  • “How to Pray; Developing an Intimate Relationship with God” by Ronnie Floyd
  • “Thirty Days to Understand the Bible” by Max Anders
  • “Witnessing Made Easy: Sharing Your Faith Using the Ladder Method” by C.S. Lovett
  • “First Steps for New Christians” by Paul Chappel
  • "Discipleship For The Rest Of Us" by Gary Hardin
  • “Twelve Christian Beliefs That Can Drive You Crazy” by Henry Cloud & John Townsend

5. Engage in these small-group studies

  • "How We Got the Bible"
  • "Your Divine Design"
  • "Managing Our Finances God’s Way"
  • "Soul Detox: Living in a Contaminated World"
  • “Prayer”
  • “Basic Christian Beliefs”

7. Read these books

  • “The Spiritual Warfare Answer Book” by David Jeremiah
  • “Spiritual Gifts: What Are They and Why Do They Matter” by Thomas Schreiner
  • “Confronting Christianity: 12 Hard Questions for the World’s Largest Religion: by Rebecca McLaughlin
  • “Everyday Apologetics: a 100 Day Devotional Journey in Defending the Faith” by Stan Miller
  • “How to Study the Bible” by Robert West
  • “How to Pray: A Simple Guide for Normal People” by Pete Greig

Additional Study Options

One-on-one, individual, or small-group studies

  • “A Call to Joy” for basic Christian foundations (7 sessions)
  • “A Call to Growth” for growing in the faith” (7 sessions)
  • “Growing Disciple” series by Lifeway Christian Resources (may be used personally or as a small group study)
  • "Pray in Faith"
  • "Fellowship with Other Believers"
  • "Abide in Christ"
  • "Witness to the World"
  • "Live in the Word"

Help with Personal Money Management

  • “Financial Peace University” (9 sessions, scheduled once each year)

Help with Discovering Your Spiritual Gift(s)

  • “Spiritual Gifts” (1 session, scheduled once each year)

Would you like to teach a discipleship path class or small group study?

Contact our church office at +1 (256) 927-3316