A 21-Day Prayer Journey for You

The 21 Days of Prayer is a perfect time for you to practice seeking God. As you learn to seek Him first, you will experience His power in your life like never before. You will begin to see the power of prayer impact your relationships, your work, and your overall well-being as you practice daily prayer.


Prayer Groups

As part of 21 Days of Prayer, we will offer group prayer times for you to join in on. Beginning March 27-April 17, join us on Monday-Tuesday, and Thursday-Saturday at 6:00am and 6:00pm in room 201 at The ROC as we collectively seek the Lord and His Word.

On Sundays, we will gather as usual for our regular worship services and offer a special prayer during service. And on Wednesday nights, each of our groups including Adult Bible Study, Kidz B.L.A.S.T., and Student Worship will hold a special time for prayer during their regular activities.

If you’re unable to attend prayer times in person, join us in prayer wherever you are using our prayer guide.