Due to COVID-19 concerns and to ensure the health and safety of our church members and staff, we are postponing all Sunday school and Wednesday night activities until further notice.

The Student Ministry at First Baptist Centre is exciting, meaningful, and purposeful. Students from 12 to 18 years old are encouraged to participate in weekly activities and events that engage them in purposeful learning, meaningful relationships, and exciting tasks. However, our student ministry is not just about getting students to come to us, but taking the ministry to where the students are - the local schools. We accomplish this by getting involved through events, sports, and Christian clubs held by the schools.

Sunday School

Sunday School for students is designed to help them dive into God's Word to understand stories, themes, and ideas from the Bible. We currently offer a Youth Boys Class and a Youth Girls Class that meet at 9:00 AM on Sundays. Come join us as we search for truths from the Word of God! 

Wednesday Night

Student Worship

Student Worship is a unique mid-week gathering for students to come together to worship God and hang out. We have a praise band led completely by students in our ministry. The lessons we teach are centered around topics they are facing in today's world.


Like Sunday School, LifeGroups are separated by gender with individual study groups for guys and girls. LifeGroups allow us to create a small group atmosphere that helps students connect with an authentic community. LifeGroups offer a more relaxed, discussion style, setting where students dive deeper into the topics and Scriptures we study on Wednesday nights. LifeGroups are held on Sunday nights at 6 PM with locations subject to change. Please contact Lance Hughes at 256-295-7531 to find out about where to meet for LifeGroups.


Tribes is a summertime-only program that takes the place of student worship during the summer.

Tribes is a recreation-based program that engages students through games and activities. Students are divided into three teams and compete in different challenges throughout the summer.

Competitions promote unity and team-building while allowing students to participate in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Mission Fuge

MFuge is designed to give students a mission experience that opens their eyes to similar opportunities they may have to serve in their own communities, learning to live everyday life on mission!

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